Getting to Raipur – Flights, Train

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Getting to Raipur - Flights & more
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On the Way to Raipur

Raipur, located in the heart of the country, is the capital city of Chattisgarh that attracts an influx of tourists and business travelers every year.  Visitors to this charming city often express and tell about their unforgettable experience while touring with a professional guide to exclusive monuments and sites and highly recommend visiting the city.

Apart from these leisure travels at the time of summer and winter vacations, Raipur is also an industrial location that draws business owners from all over the country. It is evident as a large number of diverse industries are established in the bustling city. Raipur is popular for harboring coal, iron, and steel markets, which are considered to be the ‘backbone’ of any industry that comes into being.

An insightful and handy guide for Raipur Tourism 

Raipur has gained prominence over the centuries due to its strategic location and booming industries. A cultural place with historical monuments, Raipur has been known for long reigns of dynastic rulers.

Fast forward to today, its exponential growth and cooperation in trade, commerce, and exports with the rest of India and outside world has deemed it to be an economic hotspot in the country. It has compelled the government and particularly the Ministry of Tourism to take substantial steps to ease out the process of interaction and movement of people to the city Raipur.

In response to that, considerable facilities for connecting the city through flights and trains have been immensely developed. Flights through other cities and union territories such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are well connected with the Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur. You can also travel to Raipur through a blissful train journey. Trains that stop at Bilaspur Junction railway station connect distant parts of the country to the city.

Since Raipur presents entrepreneurial overtures, transportation facilities available to tourists and business travelers are enormous. Therefore, here’s what you need to know when you are willing to catch a flight or book a train ticket to Raipur.

Some basic guidelines

It is important to note that whenever you want to travel from Delhi, Bangalore, or Mumbai to Raipur through air, you will be connected to Swami Vivekananda Airport. It is the main airport of the city that parts the Naya Raipur with the old one, which nonetheless adds to the airport’s location significance.

If a traveler wants to choose a cheaper means of transport to reach the city, it is often through train. It is a well-known fact that the cost incurred through railways is lower than that of airways.

A large number of trains distinguish in speed, thereby having differences in the ticket fare that runs across the state. You can choose either means depending upon your budget and transport availability.

Delhi to Raipur

There are limited routes between Delhi and Raipur, and mainly these courses are handled by renowned airlines, including Vistara and Air India, which provide the cheapest domestic flights.

On an average, nine direct flights aviate across Delhi and Raipur, initiated by Air India. The expected airfare for such a round trip is INR 3345. Wednesday is considered to be the cheapest day of the week to book a flight. The earliest flight departs at 5:10 and is the Indigo (6E) – 765 or Vistara (UK)- 797. In addition to being affordable, these airlines ensure a comfortable travel experience.

The interconnected airports that serve as a linkage between Delhi and Raipur are Indira Gandhi International Airport and Raipur Airport International, commonly called Swami Vivekananda Airport. The expected duration of travel is nearly 1 hr 3 minutes.

There is only one train that runs between the two cities. It covers a distance of 1395 km, and the cost of availing a seat is INR 2560. To specify, there are 48 railway stations in Delhi and one in Raipur. A Tatkal ticket can be booked one day before travel. The approximate time through railways is 18hr and 20 minutes.

The railway station that connects the two cities is New Delhi Railway Station and Bar Railway Station, Raipur.

Bangalore to Raipur

Bangalore is 986 km away from Raipur. There are two daily and two weekly flights that run between the two cities. The Delhi Airport, that is, Indira Gandhi International Airport is the most popular connection between Bangalore and Raipur.

The most direct flight runs at 7:45 IST and are the Indigo flights 405 and 6965, which involve a travel duration of 1 hr 50 minutes. The cost incurred can be approximated to INR 2258.

As of railways, the travel duration is one day 35 minutes long. The Nagercoil Express and Wainganga offer the cheapest fare, INR 329, and runs from Bangalore City Junction to Rasipuram Railway Station.

Mumbai to Raipur

The average distance between the megacity Mumbai and a future administrative headquarter in Raipur is of 111124 km. The cheapest airlines are IndiGo, Vistara, and Air India that connect the two airports of The Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport to Swami Vivekananda Airport.

The lowest cost incurred is INR 2469. The nonstop flight duration that runs between the two cities is 1 hour and 55 minutes.

The preferred trains in Indian railways are Geetanjali Express and Super Deluxe Express. Eleven passenger trains start from Mumbai, which stops at Raipur. The fastest train is JNANESWARI DELX. The average time duration through a train is 18:33 hours, and the most affordable ticket fare is INR 993.


Raipur offers myriad opportunities to vacationers. From business expansion to a destination haven, Raipur has everything that a traveler can possibly dream of!

The Swami Vivekananda Airport serves as a connection to all other states. Domestic airlines, including Vistara and IndiGo, offer economical flight fares to Raipur from cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Meanwhile, trains, that are a comparatively cheaper means of transportation, also connects the cities.

The expected time duration of travel depends upon the flight or train. However, flights can either take a direct course or make you reach the destination while passing through other parts of the country.